5 Water Based Tire Shines Dressing for Your Car

Water based tire dressing is an alternative for solvent based tire dressing. In water based tire shine the solvent is replaced with water. The water based dressing comes in a variety of ranges. A silicone based suspension forms a layer on the tire and doesn’t come off the tire. So the best is a water based dressing. Water based tire shine products come with dry touch formula which revives the lost shine of your tires within minutes.

5 Water Based Tire Shines Dressing


Following are the best water based tire shine products:



You can use this water based tire shine on leather, tires, and vinyl. This no greasy product provides shine to your tire that you desire. It restores the original luster of your tires.

Features :
  • LONG TERM EFFECT: It gives a long lasting effect on the tires.
  • NON-SILICONE FORMULA: It is a non-silicone formula which enhances the luster without having a greasy or slippery look.
  • REPELS DUST: It repels dust and prevents from run-offs and sling.


Chemical Guys TVD10716 V.R.P Shine Dressing:

Chemical Guys TVD10716 V.R.P Shine Dressing

This super shine dressing repels water and prevents tires from the UV rays. It comes with many features including non-greasy tire dressing free from silicone.

Features :
  • PROTECTION: The product prevents tires from cracking and gives a luster shine to the tire.
  • MULTI-SURFACE SHIELD: It provides a multi-surface protection for both interior and exterior surfaces.
  • DRY TO TOUCH: It is 100% dry to touch.
3M 39042 Tire Restore :


3M 39042 Tire Restore

This product restores the original look of tires and gives a natural appearance to bumpers and vinyl moldings. It gives a long lasting effect on your tires. People who do not like high gloss shine on their tires can go for 3M 39042 tires restore.

Features :
  • RESTORE SHINE:  It restores deep black shine and gives a new look to tires.
  • NON-GREASY: It is not greasy which doesn’t give bright shine to the tires.


HD Dress Premium Exterior Dressing :

HD Dress Premium Exterior Dressing

HD dress is a versatile water-based tire dressing. It has a unique non-surfactant composition which delivers shine for a longer period. It is designed to darken and protect the exterior porous surface of the tires. It is solvent free and VOC compliant. It is easy to use because you just need to spray and wipe the surface.

Features :
  • NON-SLING FORMULA: It comes with a non-sling formula that works great on tires.
  • NON-GREASY: The product is non-greasy because it works effectively on tires, plastic trim, wheel and other parts.
  • LEVEL OF SHINE: The product provides you for adjusting on different levels from shiny to matte depending on the surface.


Harris Ever Wet Spray Tire Shine:

Harris Ever Wet Spray Tire Shine

This product will give perfect shine to your tires and protects your car tires without any mess of pumps. It keeps tires glossy even after many days. It is very easy to use. It has a long lasting shine which suits all kinds of tires. Ever wet tire shine prevents from runoffs, drips and leaves an extreme shine on the tires.

Features :
  • WATERPROOF: It gives a long-lasting waterproof formula.
  • EASY TO USE: It is easy to use without using messy application of pumps
  • PROTECTION: It protects the tires from UV rays and prevents tires from fading and cracking.

Water based tire shine products are great and do not react with rubber. Water based tire shine products are environment-friendly and do not have any harmful substance in it. Water based dressing does a perfect job. It does not affect the tire in a negative manner. These dressings have become an important part of the automobile industry. Water based tire shine dressings are easy to use as it takes few minutes to clean your tires and makes them shiny.


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