How To Make Tire Shine: Water or Solvent Based Shines

An ideal tire shine is one that you can easily apply and gives a perfect shine to the tires of your vehicle. The best tire shine product is sure to impart a dark black original look to the tires. They should leave the tires clean, fresh and shiny with a deep raven look. Like other parts of the car, tires also need our attention, especially so because they take all the friction. Despite the fact that we may wash our tires, they lose luster after some time and need to be treated by tire shine products.

There are Two Types of Tire Shine:

  • Water based
  • Solvent based

Water Based Tire Shine :  

Water-based tire shine is a mixture of natural oils and natural polymers. They are always environment-friendly and do not contain any harmful substances. They are non-greasy and are easy to clean off. They can also be diluted with water to reduce its concentration level.

Some of the best water based tires shiners are:

  • Black magic tire wet spray
  • Duragloss 321

Solvent Based:

Solvent -based tire shine lasts longer and gives more shine to tires than water-based tire shine. Most of these products withstand heat and give a dewy finish with high gloss. You can adjust the level of shine. Some of the best solvent based tire shiners are:

  • Meguiar’s Endurance Tire Gel
  • Carguys tire shine gel
  • Sonax Tire Gloss Gel

Tire WAX and Rejuvenates:

Wax tire can give a high shine to the tires which prevent them from browning. Wax or rejuvenators keep tire soft and flexible. Some of the best wax tire shine products are:

  • Griot’s Garage Tire Rejuvenator
  • Turtle wax wet n black
  • Turtle wax max power

How to Make Tires Shine :

It is recommended not to clean your tire with harsh chemicals for the first time as it puts your wheels at risk.  Use a mild product instead such as an all-purpose cleaner, and then try another product for further cleaning. Tire shine depends on the product you use. Some of them last longer and some for few days.


Proper application of tire shine makes your tire shine.

  • You should always use a proper applicator.
  • You should use a separate applicator for wheels and tires.
  • Use hard applicators for rubber and soft applicators for wheels.
  • It is recommended to use a grout sponge.
  • Use microfibers to clean and dry your cars.
  • It also removes dirt and allows its smooth application.
  • Use tire wax to prevent your tires from browning as they restore your tires.
  • After cleaning, dry the tire.

Choosing a Tire Shine :

Different brands in the market have various products that claim to give the best shine ever to your tires. A good product is the one which gives shine and protects the tire from damage. Tire shine products should be able to withstand all types of environment conditions. Choose the product which comes with an easy application and reduces the risk of any drips or mess. Some products are very versatile as they also clean the tires along with the shine. It is best to try a small quantity of the product for the first time because it is economical and saves your money.   

Always read instructions before using tire shine products. Properly understanding the instructions, you will save your time and get much better results. Water-based products can get diluted by mixing it with water. Gel type tire shine gives long-lasting effect, but it requires more time for application. The spray-type shine is easier to apply as compared to Gel-type shine. It’s a quick way to make your tires shine when you’re in a hurry.  However, its effect wears off earlier than gel-type shine.  Do not spray too close to the tires though.


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